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Highest of High Brow

Posted by DrFunke on July 10, 2008

In case you haven’t figured it out after a post about a 3 day erection and a post asking a former NFL QB to kindly insert pieces of fine jewelry into his rectum, this blog is here to deal only with high brow material. You don’t get why it’s funny that Mac10 is walking around his office for 3 days with his boner exposed? Don’t worry, few people have the mental capacity to fathom the wit and subtlety of that joke. From now on, we promise to continue bringing important and relevant social commentary to our readers, hoping that we can slightly change society through our literature. I’ll leave you with a video of a young man several prominent music critics (note: me) are calling the new Bob Dylan, delivering a stirring and emotional performance while most definitely sober:

They probably have to cancel the Grammys this year and give him every award they have.


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