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What Else is There to Do in Arkansas?

Posted by Mac10 on July 10, 2008

White wide receiver, Matt Jones, was arrested last night in Arkansas with possession of cocaine and marijuana.

The arrest report said that three Fayetteville officers were walking toward an unlit parking lot about 12:30 a.m. when they spotted a white Toyota 4Runner parked with several people inside. The area is known for thefts and drug use, the report said.

One of the officers walked up to the passenger side rear door and saw Jones sitting inside. The report said he had in his lap a white card with a white powder and in his had a credit card that he was using to chop up and scrape the powder.

Matt Jones is my favorite non-Bucs player, and this only makes me like him more. I have been to Arkansas several times in my life, and there is literally nothing to do. Next time I have to visit this bumfuck state, I know who I’m hanging out with.


One Response to “What Else is There to Do in Arkansas?”

  1. […] Secondly, Tampa Bay Buccaneer Safety Donte Nicholson just got tasered.  Tampa Bay is Mac10’s favorite team for some god-awful and unknown reason, so this is really making my day.  Knowing that his team is filled with people who get tasered and arrested just sickens me.  I’m glad my team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, are full of good, upright Christian men. […]

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