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A Sports Fan’s Dilemma

Posted by Mac10 on July 14, 2008

May he rot in Hell

May he rot in Hell

Like everyone else, I am already completely sick of the Brett Favre story. When I read this, though, my Rich Harden-inspired boner finally subsided. If Brett Favre were to play for the Bucs, my life as a sports fan could never be the same. Unlike most Americans (read: sheeple), I never drank the Brett Favre Kool-Aid.

Favre was the best at 1) showing up for work every week and 2) making the most of broken plays. Other than that, what was so special about Favre? As a pure quaterback, he was never in the league of Elway, Marino, Brady, or Manning. He only won 1 Super Bowl so it is not like he was a great winner like Montana. Yet, Favre has become an almost mythical character, as American as apple pie. He is treated as a god above reproach by the usually unforgiving sports media. When Favre choked away the NFC Championship game last year, in a matchup against Fredo Manning no less, not a word was said about his interception that cost the Packers the game.

For years, I have tried to point out how overrated Favre is. Trying to argue with a Favre truther is impossible because they cannot be rational about him. While I try to cite his interception record or his poor completion percentage, they simply talk about how he plays the game or the way he makes them feel. After years of listening to this bullshit, I have become fervently anti-Favre. The only person I hate more in sports is Bonds. I rail against the media fellatio of him and criticize his every mistake. If he went to the Bucs, though, it would force me to ask a question most sports fans don’t like asking: At what point does the name on the back of the jersey affect your support for the name on the front? I have supported pedophiles, steroid users, and hell even a former Cardinal. But now, I draw my line in the sand. If Favre comes to Tampa, I will not be supporting them until he leaves.


One Response to “A Sports Fan’s Dilemma”

  1. DrFunke said

    Stop traffic. Finally admitting to Sammy’s juicing? This is a big day for sports fans everywhere.

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