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I No Longer Have to Defend Billy Packer

Posted by Mac10 on July 14, 2008

After calling the Final Four for 34 straight years, Billy Packer is leaving CBS:

Packer, 68, will leave CBS after 27 years to pursue “other projects in basketball,” according to The Miami Herald.

Speculation of Packer’s exit was fueled amid widespread criticism during this year’s tournament.

I will not be joining in the widespread celebrations that have been planned for the end of the Billy Packer Era. I was one of the two people (the other being Billy himself) who still enjoyed Packer as a color commentator. I agree with the assessment that Packer was a prick and had an ACC bias, but the man knew basketball and he wasn’t afraid to call out people who were playing, coaching, or reffing terribly. Unlike some announcers (Vitale), Packer didn’t talk down to the audience because he assumed they actually knew something about basketball. It was a joy to watch someone who wasn’t worried about offending anyone and said whatever was on his mind. I didn’t agree all the time, but at least he took a stand.


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