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Posted by DrFunke on July 14, 2008

Joe Montana never cried, you fucking pussy.

Joe Montana never cried, you fucking pussy.

Personally, I liked Brett Favre. He was (is?) fun to watch because any play he was involved in could have ended up going for 6 for either the offense or defense, and the joy he felt while playing the game was absolutely infectious (like when he high-fived a referee). Regardless, you would have to be crazy to put him into the top 5 QB’s of all time. The Favre Fellatio Festival (or, as we in the biz call it, FFF) that has been taking place for as long as I can remember drives me absolutely insane.

OK, he’s a likeable player, but that doesn’t mean all the mistakes he made in important situations, like ending his team’s season by throwing an awful interception multiple times, should be totally ignored. Sure he’s got the all-time TD record, but Peyton and Brady will be breaking that in a few years, and it’s also coupled with the all-time interception record. After the Giants gave the Pack every opportunity to win that playoff contest last winter (see: Tynes, Lawrence), Favre threw it away. And of course, as the FFF carousel continued to turn, absolutely no one called him out on not only failing to put away a game when he had three opportunities to do so, but actually putting the win right in the Giants lap. And remember when he did the same thing against the Eagles a few years back, and no one actually knocked him for it? Surprisingly, Sal Paolantonio wrote a great story about Favre’s failures in his later career.

Now I understand Favre is a demi-god to Packer fans, but don’t you think true fans would realize he doesn’t give their team much of a chance to win anymore? Well if you took this logical train of thought, you were wrong. According to this ESPN story , a group of Packers fans apparently have decided to stop eating bratwurst and drinking in order to rally for Favre’s reinstatement. While eating bratwurst and drinking.

Brett Favre’s fans came to his defense Sunday, rallying outside Lambeau Field to pressure the Green Bay Packers to reinstate him as the starting quarterback.

The crowd of more than 100 chanted “We want Brett,” and carried signs reading, “Favre for President” or “Favre Forever.” Many in the parking lot wore No. 4 jerseys, tossed footballs and grilled.

“Favre For President”? He was addicted to pain-killers, you can’t have that in the White House. Next thing you know, we’ll have a presidential candidate who’s done a whole bunch of cocaine before. Honestly, I just want Favre out of my life. I’m not going to read any more Favre stories, I’ll mute Sportscenter, and start hunting down murdering these annoying Packers fans like I’m in the show “Dexter.” Brett had a good year out of nowhere, and he’s getting out as close to the top as he’ll ever get again. Also, Aaron Rodgers is most likely just going to drink himself to death by pre-season week 1 if Favre doesn’t stop this. Hopefully this gets resolved soon enough, because the FFF is getting just plain ridiculous and dangerously close to pathetic. You made a smart choice when you quit Brett, keep it that way.


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