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Can A Woman Be in a Frat?

Posted by Mac10 on July 15, 2008



This important philosophical question was seemingly answered in the affirmative today when a woman blew a .462 BAC level.

Higgins blew .462 – believed to be an Australian record reading for a female driver and a record nine times over the legal blood-alcohol limit.

Ms Higgins, 49, told police she drank four cans of a vodka-based mixed drink shortly before she hit a tree and rolled her car on a road in Moorooduc, on Mornington Peninsula, on February 15.

Ok, first Australians show hardcore porn in the middle of a rugby game. Then, some Aussie kid gets famous just for throwing a party while his parents are out of town. Now they have a woman blowing a BAC level nine times the legal limit. Sometimes I wish that our country had been founded by prisoners.


One Response to “Can A Woman Be in a Frat?”

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