Sans Morality

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Quick Thoughts

Posted by Mac10 on July 15, 2008

-I find I’m so excited, I can barely sit still or hold a thought in my head. I think it’s the excitement only a man who has tickets to the midnight showing of The Dark Knight can feel.

-Why do we praise guys who turn around their lives instead of guys who never develop a drug habit?

-Chase Utley is my hero.

-Was it just me or was Milton Bradley’s massage of Josh Hamilton a little weird? I thought even saying “no homo” wasn’t enough to avoid hell for born-again Christians like Hamilton.

-Kenny Perry is an idiot. How many chances to you get to play in a major without Tiger there?

-British Open Prediction: Colin Montgomerie finally wins his first major.

-Seriously, though, Ernie Els will win the British Open*

-I am ready for the Jim Sorgi Era to begin. Peyton Manning will be known as the second coming of Wally Pipp.

-God, I hate this week of sports. I had to choose between betting on an exhibition game or a WNBA game. Then, I remembered the WNBA wasn’t a sport, so let’s go National League.


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