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I’m In Love

Posted by DrFunke on August 5, 2008

Hot Twins > Allah

Hot Twins > Allah

Readers, you are all about to learn a few things about me. And I gotta be honest with you here, it’s going to get a little weird. We’ll get something out of the way first: synchronized swimming turns me on. Don’t ask why, because I don’t have an answer. Nothing gets my dick hard like a group of women doing coreographed handstands to classical music. Bikinis? Fuck that. Give me girls in swimming caps and one pieces any day of the week. And here’s another thing. Has anyone ever warned you about having too much of a good thing? Well fuck them, that’s stupid. If you really like something, why on earth would you not want more of that? Like twice as much as that?

Well readers, meet my ultimate fantasy (-ies?): Brazilian twins (TWINS!) Bia and Branca, members of the Brazilian national synchronized swimming team. has more on these two, including pictures that make it seem like they would probably have a threesome with me. Listen, I don’t care what your taste is. If you don’t like Brazilian girls, you are insane. Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima, these twins, I just creamed my jeans. First off, they all dance salsa and samba, which teaches them things that are beyond the talents of American women. That means that they are capable of doing things in bed that are beyond our humble imaginations, readers. They probably do anal, but only with a top secret Brazilian twist to it that makes it even better.

I would do horrible, unforgivable things to bang one of these girls, let alone both. Actually wait, I’ve seen this movie before. I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, then end up banging the other twin. Or is this the movie where I walk in on the other one mid-vibrator session, then she asks me if I can give her some help? I always get confused. Regardless, my viewings of this year’s synchronized swimming will go from ecstatic to fanatically religious and mentally unhealthy. Marisa Miller, if I can get with these twins, then I’m sorry, but my invitation for you to have sex with me will be revoked.


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