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Weekend Box Office Recap

Posted by Mac10 on August 5, 2008

That’s right, loyal reader. It’s the return of the Mac. After a glorious trip to Arkansas for a little R-and-R (rest and racism), I am back and ready to deliver my weekly comments on movies I haven’t seen (usually).

1. The Dark Knight-I went to see this movie again in Arkansas. There is comedy, there is high comedy, and then there are pre-movie commercials for local Arkansas businesses.

2. The Mummy: Tomb of Jet Li-Somehow this movie made over $40 million in its opening weekend. If it had surpassed TDK, I may have lost all faith in humanity.

3. Step Brothers-Hey, I actually saw this one. It is pretty hilarious, but not as good as other Ferrell movies like Anchorman or Talladega Nights. Plus, Ferrell’s mom in the movie was way too tanned and Botoxed. It freaked me out.

4. Mamma Mia-I just saw that Pierce Brosnan is in this movie. My god, Pierce. You were James Bond. James  Fucking Bond. How can you look at yourself in the mirror anymore?

5. Journey to the Center of the Earth-Two Brendan Fraser movies in the top 5? This is like a Blast from the Past. Thank you, thank you. I will be here all week.


2 Responses to “Weekend Box Office Recap”

  1. Wudgles said

    I’ll admit, the Blast from the Past line got me.

  2. DrFunke said

    Why don’t you make more “Return of the Mack” references? This has always bothered me.

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