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Posted by DrFunke on May 22, 2009

Let’s get down to it, I don’t have all day. My cock ring business isn’t going to run itself.

“Work Song” by Dan Reeder. You might’ve quickly guessed I don’t actually run a lucrative cock ring business. First of all, this blog makes me the big bucks. Second of all, that’s not true either, and I have another unpaid job this summer. (*Starts weeping*) Anyway, if your brain isn’t bleeding from the last few sentences already, you should know I plan on quitting my job while playing this song in the office and giving everyone the finger.

A Day in the Life of Paul Walker. Reader, at first I was upset because I thought this was meant to disparage the great Paul “P-Dub” Walker. This should never happen, and if you attempt to do so I will fucking find you and waterboard the shit out of you. But then I quickly realized that this was merely a tribute to the greatness of Paul Walker. My only problem: not enough references to living life a quarter mile at a time.

Entertonement. This site is kind of fun. It just compiles a bunch of sound clips from movies and TV shows, so you can find a bunch of excellent stuff on here. For example, I linked you to bites from the great Robert Downey Jr., and there are also clips like this and this. Time, prepare to be utilized poorly.

Hey, it’s a dick joke! Being a purveyor of dick jokes myself, I figured it’s only appropriate that I share this one with you.

The Heist. This is a little old, but this TV special made by hypnotist Derren Brown is also a million kinds of awesome. It’s also ridiculously unethical as far as scientific experiments go, which probably just makes it cooler. I’m, uh, not a real doctor.

MORE WOLF SHIRTS. There is no such thing as too many wolf t-shirts. After reading the customer reviews, I may need to consider adding this to my wardrobe to complement my other wolf shirt. (Dr.’s note: in that second link, nothing has ever made me happier than the “‘Born to Bone’ is more like it when you wear this fucker around” review. In other news, I am not mature.)


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