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Timely TV Recaps: The Wire (Spoilers)

Posted by Mac10 on May 31, 2009

For the loyal reader out there, you will remember that I posted a recap of The Sopranos last summer. Well, it’s a new year, and I spent all of my free time this summer watching a different HBO show, The Wire. I will be adding more substance to this throughout the week because I hate my job and I need something to do to occupy my time. Here is a brief summary of the show (with Dr. Funke’s opinion where we disagree):

Ranking the Seasons: 4, 2, 1, 5, 3

Best character: Omar (Dr Funke: Stringer Bell)

Worst Character: Omar when he is kissing dudes

Real Worst Character (Male): Ziggy Sobotka

Worst Character (Female): Namond’s mother

Smartest Gangster: Proposition Joe

Smartest Cop: Lester Freamon

Most Disappointing Character: Avon Barksdale

Best Duo: Bunk and Jimmy out drinking

Saddest Death: Wallace

Best Transformation: Carver

Funniest Murderer: Snoop

Best Haircut: Angry white cop

Best Dresser: Brother Muzzone

Best Catchphrase: “Sheeet”  – Clay Davis

Best Repeated Line: “There you go. Giving a fuck when it ain’t your turn to give a fuck.” -Bunk

Best Moment: Omar’s testimony at Bird’s trial

Worst Moment: Bubbles’ confession and suicide attempt


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