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I’m Tired

Posted by Mac10 on June 2, 2009

Let me channel my inner Mike Valenti for a second.

I’m tired of watching the Cubs bullpen pull this shit year after year, game after game.

I’m tired of watching Soriano and Lee stroke leadoff HRs and HRs with 4 run leads, then flail at bad pitches when we need them late in close games.

I’m  tired of watching Michah Hoffpauir and Jake Fox, two guys who can absolutely rake, sit on the bench while Milton Bradley trots his injury-prone, no-hitting ass out to right field.

I’m tired of Randy Wells doing everything possible to get his first major league win, like almost throwing a fucking no-hitter, only to see Carlos “Where has my command gone?” Marmol and Kevin “There’s a reason even the fucking Marlins didn’t want me” Gregg blow the game AGAIN.

I’m tired of seeing Aaron Heilman on the mound cuz I know there isn’t a point to watch the game anymore. He is a poor man’s Bob Howry, which is the worst insult I can think of for a reliever.

I’m tired of seeing Alfonso Soriano play in the left field corner when there is a man on 2nd in the bottom of the 12th. You know you have a good arm right? You are allowed to throw it home to possibly get the guy out, you fuckin dumbass.

I’m tired of seeing Mark Derosa and Kerry Wood on the Indians. The Cubs should never have let those guys go to free up money for Milton. Great fuckin play Hendry.

I’m tired of watching Lou just sit there as the bullpen implodes again and again. Just kill one of them, Lou. No jury in Chicago would convict you. Then they might actually throw some fucking strikes.

I’m tired of our refusal to ever steal a base in extras. Have you ever heard of scoring position? It’s an 0-2 count on Lee with Fukudome on 1st. Even if Fukudome gets thrown out, Lee leads off the next inning. Plus, maybe Fukudome stealing will cause Lee to lay off that outside slider that he always misses. Always.

I’m tired of Zambrano acting like a fucking baby all the time. Grow the fuck up and act like the ace that we are paying you to be.

I’m tired of knowing that I’m going to watch tomorrow’s game with some fresh optimism that maybe we will turn it around. God being a Cubs fan is fucking tiring.


2 Responses to “I’m Tired”

  1. DrFunke said

    1. Did you reference Black Sabbath in your tags?
    2. If it makes you feel any better, Marmol looks like Mariano Rivera of 10 years ago compared to JJ Putz.
    3. You finally did a post without a list format, stop traffic.

  2. Mac10 said

    1. Yes
    2. He drives me insane because no can hit him if he just throws strikes.
    3. That’s how upset I was, my thoughts weren’t even in list format.

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