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Weekend Box Office Recap

Posted by Mac10 on June 11, 2009

1..  The Hangover – Dr. Funke, my brother, and my co-workers have all seen this and told me it was amazing. Luckily, I don’t value any of their opinions so I don’t feel bad about having not seen this yet. If Zach Galifinakis is as good in this as he is interviewing stars Between the Ferns, then it might just be the greatest movie of all time.

2.. Up – Hey, a movie I have seen. Another amazing entry from Pixar has forced me to create a list (suck on it, Funke) ranking the Pixar movies.

a. Toy Story

b. Wall-E

c. Finding Nemo

d. Up

e. Monsters, Inc.

f. The Incredibles

g. Ratatouille

h. Toy Story 2

i. A Bug’s Life

j. Cars

3. Land of the Lost – Reading the critics reviews, I have ascertained that this is the worst movie ever. Even I didn’t want to see it after seeing the previews and I am a huge Will Ferrell fan. I think Will needs to make a couple non-Will Ferrell movies (Stranger than Fiction, Melinda and Melinda) to get the stench of this one off of him

4. Night at the Museum 2 – Never saw the first one, but I hear it wasn’t bad. This one is allegedly terrible, but I laugh everytime at the preview where Ben Stiller tells Jonah Hill he has seen things you can’t even imagine. The lesson: I am easily entertained.

5. Star Trek – Is JJ Abrams still involved with LOST or is it just a coincidence that this movie involved time travel as well? Anyway, with how financially and critically successful this movie was, I estimate the sequel to come out in about 2 weeks.


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