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Sammy Sosa is Clean

Posted by Mac10 on June 17, 2009

This whole Sammy is on the PED-list is a conspiracy by the MSM to try to ensure the HR record is held by a white man (Roger Maris). Since everyone knows that Bonds and McGwire are juicers, all reasonable people acknowledge that Sammy is the true holder of the single season HR record. For the powers that be (read: MSM), this cherished record being held by a black Dominican player is unacceptable. Thus, some mysterious lawyers pop up out of the blue to claim that Sammy is on the list, but please don’t quote me as a source. This story was broken by the New York Times. Do you know what Times stands for? The Information Must be Edited for Sheeple. I will not rest until I discover the truth about this list and reveal it to the world. And then I will not rest until a movie is made about my quest for truth starring Sir Nicolas Cage. The tagline will be “One man’s quest not to be a sheeple.”


4 Responses to “Sammy Sosa is Clean”

  1. bobbygee said

    Yeah, whatever.. Steriod kings Jose,Bonds, McGuire. Ask the players they know who the juicers are? Bobby Gee check out my blog

    • DrFunke said

      Bobby, I probably won’t check out your blog. Also Mac, I think we need to cut out the middle man here and just have Sir Nick investigate the steroid issue in real life. You think there would be any mysteries left after Nick got into it? My guess is 5 days into Nick running around with a flashlight yelling “THERE’S NO TIME!” and “WHO DID THIS?” with a healthy helping of “HOW’D IT GET BURNED?”, we’ll know the name of every single person in the history of the world who has tried steroids. Call me ambitious.

  2. […] Sammy Sosa is Clean […]

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