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Top 10 Songs from the 90s

Posted by Mac10 on June 30, 2009

This post is co-written by Jean Claude Van Dangles (His comments in blue)

These songs are in no particular order

I know, I know another list. But my iPod was stolen recently* (most likely by BobbyGee), which deprived the world of the world’s greatest 90s collection. In tribute to my fallen iPod, I consulted with JCVD, a noted 90s music scholar, to compile the top 10 songs that defined the 90s music scene.

*Having been a victim of a theft, I have changed my stance on the death penalty. Before I thought the death penalty was cruel and unusual punishment for people who broke into cars. Now I would like to personally torture and kill the person who broke into my car and stole my iPod. So basically I’ve become Wudgles.

The more I thought about the top 10 songs of the 90’s, the more difficult I realized that this little endeavor of yours really is.  Think about how many different genres that are involved.  You have the Nirvana type stuff that was obviously really big and you can go from that to bands like TLC, Third Eye Blind, and then of course you have all the great rap.  The point is, this is incredibly difficult, but I will nonetheless give you a top 10, from a bunch of various artists.  Bear in mind that I am incredibly biased and that I am also leaving out all rap, since I just find that to be way easier.  Also I am not putting up a band more than once, even if they had more than one 90’s mega-hit.  Finally, I am trying to avoid putting up bands that, while they had big hits in the 90’s, continue to have big hits today.  For example, the Chili Peppers put out Californication in 99, which I thought was fantastic, but that’s to be expected from them though, which is why I tried to avoid artists that are still huge today.

1. Chumbawumba-Tubthumping

JCVD: I feel like this is pretty much a no brainer as it was a massive hit and the band itself, like many others with huge hits in the 90’s, was a one hit wonder that faded into obscurity after Tubthumping was finally deemed overplayed.  This is a song that everyone knows and associates with the 90′, and I would suspect that many people even bought this CD (or at least I would like to think they did because I still have my copy in my room…).  Easy pick.

Mac 10: Agreed that this is a no brainer. Although I was a little perturbed that you called them a one hit wonder when they had another hit “Amnesia.” Perhaps you forgot that song. God, I’m funny.

2. Third Eye Blind- Semi-Charmed Life

JCVD-Perhaps the quintessential 90’s band, they had multiple hits, but I decided to go with Semi-Charmed life out of personal preference.  Any way you look at it, just a great tune that includes lyrics about bumping crystal meth, which makes it oh so 90’s and oh so awesome.

Mac 10: Your assessment of the band and song was spot on. The moment I learned this song was about crystal meth was probably the official end of my childhood.

3. Eve 6- Inside Out

JCVD-This is a definitely not an easy pick, but its a song that I have always had a spot for and the band fits the criteria of not being very big or famous, besides their 2 hits.  The song itself includes such incredible lyrics such as “I think sick like ginger ale”, which is great because I used to drink Ginger Ale when I was sick, so I can relate to what they’re going through.  The lead singer also insults listeners at one point crooning, “I’m not as ugly, sad as you”, which hurts, but hey he’s the rockstar so he would know (as a side note, there is very little chance the lead singer is not working in the fast food industry).

Mac 10: While I personally prefer “Here’s to the Night,” that is more a song you play at high school graduation parties in an attempt to get laid. “Inside Out” is a much better example of what 90s music was.

4. Spin Doctors- Two Princes

JCVD-This one could be my favorite on the list and the Spin Doctors represent all that was great about the 90’s.  They only have one other particularly notable song, “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong”, and were essentially a two and done band.  Two Princes is a phenomenal song detailing the relationship between a poor man and a girl, who’s father clearly does not approve of his low social status.  I think this could be where Taylor Swift got the idea for “Love Story”, in which she seeks paternal approval to marry her Romeo.  In any event, just a classic tale of star crossed lovers set to vibrant, upbeat 90’s music? Yes please.

Mac 10: Simply put, a great choice.

5. Hootie & The Blowfish- Only Wanna Be With You

JCVD-Hootie and the Blowfish were huge in the 90’s and I bet Hootie pulled more tail than anyone else on this list except for Eagle-Eye Cherry, who probably pulled in a ton of chicks.  Hootie and the Blowfish had multiple huge hits, but this was my personal favorite and the fact that they faded out is really a shocker.  They released more albums after the 90’s, but did not find anywhere near the level of success of 1994’s  “Cracked Rear View”, which went platinum an astonishing 16 times and even picked up a Grammy.  Lead singer Darius Rucker has now moved into Country music, which I’m not too happy about.  Unfortunately for the Rucker and the rest of the Blowfish, the 90’s held some awesome mystique that they were unable to carry over into the 21st century.

Mac 10: Obviously, they need to be on the list. They are my favorite 90s band. For the record, I am very happy that Darius Rucker moved to country because it instantly made country music better and who doesn’t like hearing Hootie sing new songs?

6-10 coming tomorrow


One Response to “Top 10 Songs from the 90s”

  1. DrFunke said

    Mac 10 – Regarding your comment on Eve 6, I’m assuming you’re referring to the high school graduation parties you still attend.

    And JCVD, I will retire from this blog if “Genie in a Bottle” doesn’t get at least honorable mention. “You gotta rub me the right way”? Subtlety, meet Christina Aguilera.

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