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Top Ten 90s Songs, Part Deaux

Posted by Mac10 on July 1, 2009

If you missed yesterday’s post breaking down 5 of the top 10 songs of the 1990s, then scroll down and read it you lazy fucker. Here are the final 5 (remember these are in no particular order) as well as the 25 honorable mention songs.

6. Matchbox 20- 3 AM

JCVD: Hard to argue with Matchbox 20 in the top 10 as they recorded a number of fairly big hits through the late 90’s.  On a personal note, I thoroughly enjoyed their performance at KISS Concert 98, where they finished off the night with a great set that lasted until the wee hours of the night (about 1130, but that was way past my bedtime).  Any way you slice it, Matchbox 20 deserves to be here, for either “Real World” or a number of other tunes.  While I don’t really appreciate the fact that Rob Thomas is trying to reassert himself on the music scene, I will do what I can to remember him as he was earlier in his career, not as he has been recently (sort of like a lot of people are doing with Michael Jackson…).

Mac 10: Again, another band that needs to be on the list. I would argue that they are the 3rd most important band of the 90s (behind Hootie and TEB), but I would rather have “3 AM” (their first and best hit) than “Real World.” JCVD would also claim that “Push” came out before “3 AM.” Although wikipedia backs him up, I refuse to believe that.

7. Goo Goo Dolls- Iris

Mac 10: I really only look for two things from a band:

1) An incredibly stupid name. Check
2) They sing a theme song to a Sir Nicolas Cage movie. Check

JCVD: Love the addition and slightly embarassed that I left them off.  While I love them for slightly different reasons (obviously the silly name reason, certainly not Sir Nic), I completely agree that they deserve to make the list.

8. Barenaked Ladies- One Week\

Mac 10:

I understand there are thousands of bands and songs to choose from, but the fact that BnL did not even warrant a Honorable Mention is inexcusable. Not only is this song incredibly catchy and nonsensical (like a ll great 90s songs), but it also had the added bonus of a lead singer who sang much faster than you could possibly dream. Did that stop you from trying to sing along? Of course not.

JCVD: For some reason I thought some of their big stuff came early 2000’s, but I was compeltely wrong. While “One Week” is certainly not my favorite BNL song (see “If I Had a Million Dollars”, “It’s All Been Done”, etc.), it was pretty big culturally and received tons of airplay. They should be on the list.

9. Blues Travelers- Run Around

Mac 10: You have to have either Blues Travelers or Sister Hazel (since they sound exactly alike) on this list. Of their combined 3 hits, this one is my favorite.

JCVD: Definitely agree that either they or Sister Hazel should be on here, and since Sister Hazel had a bunch of their hits released in the 2000’s, that leaves one logical choice.  Good pick, should have had them on my original.

10. Wallflowers- One Headlight

Mac 10: I leave this final spot up to you.

JCVD: ForThe Walflowers, “One Headlight”, was obviouly a big hit for them, and they also had 3 other hit singles off of 1996’s “Bringing Down the Horse” (6th Avenue Heartache, The Difference, Three Marlenas”).  They also had the hit single “Heroes” only two years later.  I think this is a very solid repertoire as I enjoy all 5 of those songs. They seem to fit in mold of at least 1 huge song, but also a couple other really good, fairly well known singles

Honorable Mention

Alanis Morissette- You Oughta Know

Deep Blue Something- Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Del Amitri- Roll With Me

Duncan Sheik- Barely Breathing

Eagle Eye Cherry- Save Tonight

Edwin McCain- I’ll Be

Fastball- Out of My Head

Gin Blossoms- Hey Jealousy

Jewel- Foolish Games

Marcy Playground- Sex and Candy

Mighty Mighty Bosstones- The Impression That I Get

Natalie Imbruglia- Torn

New Radicals- You Get What You Give

Oasis- Champagne Supernova

Offspring- Pretty Fly for a White Guy

Paula Cole-I Don’t Want to Wait

Savage Garden- Truly, Madly, Deeply

Semisonic- Closing Time

Shawn Colvin- Sonny Came Home

Sister Hazel- It’s All for You

Smash Mouth- All Star

Sugar Ray- Every Morning

Tonic- If You Could Only See

The Verve- Bittersweet Symphony

Verve Pipe- The Freshman


8 Responses to “Top Ten 90s Songs, Part Deaux”

  1. DrFunke said

    I can’t believe I’m putting this in print, but an absolutely egregious decision to not only leave out all of the boy bands and chick pop singers (i.e. Backstreet Boys, N Sync, Britney Spears, LF fucking O). HOW can you leave out “Summer Girls?” It’s inexplicable. That song is the greatest lyrical achievement ever for all the wrong reasons, and I’m horribly upset about this snub. It’s like Nick Cage and the Oscars all over again.

  2. Jean Claude Van Dangles said

    Tobias, if you took the time to read the first post there were parameters. That type of music was specifically avoided. Mac10 and Myself worked for 2 solid days on this list, wasting other peoples valuable time. If you would like to make you own list using the type of music that you clearly love then be my guest. I think I speak for Mac10 when I say we are very proud of this list and feel as though it is very representative of the 90’s as a whole. Honestly how bad would the list look if instead it was- Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguilerra, N’Sync, 98 degrees, Britney Spears, Lou Bega, Los del Rio, LFO, Mandy Moore, and Eiffel 65? Sure they were all somewhat influential, but take a look at them now: Nsync- one of them is gay and except for timberlake they all suck, britney spears- psycho, mandy moore-reduced to playing a love interest on entourage, 98 degrees- lachey got stomped by jessica simpson, LFO- guy got cancer, etc. Those types of musical acts are all just destined for terrible times.

  3. DrFunke said

    Jean Claude, you make a good point. We can’t have dudes with cancer on our lists, that just defeats the whole purpose. I apparently missed your dis-qualifier of such music/cancer dudes, and for that I apologize..

  4. Coughlin's Law said

    Now that I see you guys discriminate against people with cancer and probably most other assorted diseases, I think I now realize why the New Radicals song “Only Get What You Give” is an honorable mention. This song is without a doubt the best song of the 90s and just because they have the “dreamer’s disease” you demote them to a lower ranking, disappointed in both of you.

  5. Wudgles said

    Are we gonna go ahead and invite JCVD to be a full-time writer? I’m for it.

  6. DrFunke said

    Yeah, I’m for it. Also, I feel like this is an appropriate place to mention that last night I was drunk enough to argue with someone about why “Boom Boom Boom Boom!” by the Venga Boys should be our new national anthem.

  7. Jean Claude Van Dangles said

    Ok Coughlin’s Law, I owe you an apology. “Only get what you give” IS the best song of the 90’s. BEST SONG TO PEAK AT #36 ON THE CHARTS! ROASTED. Come one lets get serious, first, I discriminate against a lot of people, not just diseased ones. Second there is no way its the best because me and Mac10 made the ultimate list and I do not remember seeing it even in the top 10. Third, I wonder if they picked up “dreamers disease” from some chick at that whorehouse in indonesia where Wudgles went with his friends…

  8. Coughlin's Law said

    Well I’m sorry but you just lost all credibility when you said “ROASTED”. So now your list is null and void.
    Also for all my other comments ignore them, there’s only one needed: Bury the dead, they stink up the joint.

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