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Dr. Funke’s Songs of the Week

Posted by DrFunke on July 26, 2009

Game on assholes.

1. The Fratellis – Flathead – I would’ve looked a lot more indy-cool if I had posted this about 3 years ago.

2. The Old 97’s – Question – Simply a great song if you’re in a sappy mood and enjoy wearing scarves and being emo.

3. Drive By Truckers – Women Without Whiskey – This song’s about boning and drinking, so we’re for it. Also, Drive By Truckers are secretly an awesome Southern Rock band and I feel cool telling you about them.

4a. Bruce Springsteen – Incident on 57th Street – Bruce is a God among men. This is reason 1090978079080 why. There’s never enough Bruce.

4b. Bruce Springsteen – My City of Ruin – This uplifting ditty was a song Bruce wrote about September 11th. The moral of the story is that Bruce Springsteen is amazing. Thank you for your time.


3 Responses to “Dr. Funke’s Songs of the Week”

  1. organizer said

    Huge Bruce and Drive By Truckers fan, so I guess I’ll go give Old 97’s and the Fratellis a spin.

    One little nitpicking comment: Bruce wrote My City Of Ruins before 9/11–it was a lament about Asbury Park (and by extension, most fading northeast rut belt towns.)

  2. DrFunke said

    Thanks for the heads up Organizer. Apparently I shouldn’t believe everything I read on the internet.

  3. Archer said

    spanish johnny is hawt

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