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Finally, there is hope for my kind

Posted by Voltairrible on July 7, 2009

After being made fun of by Mac10, DrFunke, and JCVD for not having a job and spending all my time playing XBox360 & WoW, I finally have a legitimate excuse to give them the finger.  Turns out there is a disease that explains my behavior in real life.

Maybe now the other editors will quit being insensitive pricks.


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Fuck You Friday

Posted by Voltairrible on May 22, 2009

Fuck you if you aren’t as badass as this guy.

He will fucking cut you.

The worst nightmare of that coked-out racist midget from "In Bruges"

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The Greatest Speech Ever

Posted by Voltairrible on May 20, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I present to you The Greatest Speech Ever:

Yes, I stole Dr. Funke’s link thunder for the past 2 minutes.  Oh well.

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The .GIF You’ll See A Lot This Summer

Posted by Voltairrible on May 7, 2009


Ask how much I care.

Ask how much I care.

I present to you the DISMISSIVE WANKING MOTION .gif image that will gracing our beloved blog a bunch this summer.  Just look at it’s simplicity.  It outlines how Mac10, Dr. Funke (D.D.S), and myself feel about most topics.  It is eloquent in its brevity, but profound in it’s substance.  The range of emotions it conveys in but a simple flick of the wrist never ceases to amaze me.

For instance, it would have summed up Dr. Funke’s American Idol post in one fell swoop.  How much easier would that have been to read? A lot (especially if you like American Idol [meaning you’re a moron]).

What’s that you say?  “DWM is more than just a funny image on the intrawebz!  It’s a way of life!”  And you are correct, dear reader.  We here at Sans Morality urge you to embrace the DWM:

  • Your mom wants you to clean your room?  DWM
  • Girlfriend wants to cuddle?  Fuck that shit. DWM
  • IRS demands y0u pay taxes? DWM
  • State law requires an “age of consent”? DWM
  • Not laughing at my horrible jokes and lack of substance? DWM

The Dismissive Wanking Motion.  Embrace it.

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