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Relevant Post: Sopranos Recap (Spoilers)

Posted by Mac10 on August 11, 2008

I finally finished my summer goal of watching all of the Sopranos. It was by far the best show I have ever seen. It had it all: strippers, mobsters, psychiatrists, and strippers.

Best Episode: Pine Barrens (S3-E11)

This is the episode where Paulie and Chris get lost in the woods. The Sopranos was at its best when its characters were out of their usual environment. Other examples include the episode where Tony takes Meadow on college visits, the weekend with Bobby and Janice at the lakehouse, and Tony’s solo visit to Vegas after Chris’s death.

Best Line: “We’re gonna win this thing!” by FBI Agent Harris

He said this in the final episode after he hears that Phil Leotardo had been killed due to his information. The almost friendly relationship between Harris and the Soprano crime family was one of the best subplots in the show.

Best Beating: Tony’s attack on Assemblyman Zellman with a belt for dating his former goomah.

Random Question: Why was the gay cook/fireman even attracted to Vito? I’m not gay, but Vito was not a good-looking dude. I understand there probably aren’t that many options for a gay guy in a small town, but wouldn’t you rather take care of yourself than sleep with Vito?

Best Character: Tony

Not much of a shocker, I know. Tony, though, was the greatest anti-hero in television history. I have been arguing with DrFunke over whether Tony is killed in the last episode. He linked me to this article , which is a pretty convincing argument.

Funniest Character: Uncle Junior

When Uncle Junior was being sarcastic or dismissive (note: all the time), nobody was funnier. Even when he started to lose his mind, he could still deliver classic lines. Example:

Nurse: Why don’t you make a hand turkey?

Uncle Jun: For Christmas? Fuckin’ idiot.

Most Annoying Character: Janice and AJ Soprano (tie)

Seriously, Tony was a saint for putting up with these two. There were times when I wanted to beat the shit out of AJ for being such a whiny little bitch. And Janice. Tony summed her up pretty well when he said, “We both know that no matter what I did, you would still be in here complaining.”

Most Frustrating Character: Chris Moltisanti

Why couldn’t he get over his addictions? Why couldn’t he just accept the responsibility that Tony gave him? We wanted you to succeed, Chris. Yet, you continued to let us down until we were finally glad you met your end.

Most Underrated Character: Little Carmine Lupertazzi

Come on, the guy was a porn producer. Plus, he had Tony’s back when the problems with Phil arose. He also gave a great speech about why he didn’t want the crown. He should have been used more.

Nicest Character: Bobby Baccalieri

Seriously, he was just a nice guy who happened to be in the mob because it was the family business. He didn’t cheat on his wife, he wasn’t a murderer (until Tony forced him to), and he played with toy trains. His death was one of the most tragic in the show.

Steadiest Character: Silvio Dante

The ultimate cool mob guy. Never got too high or low. He could bang one of his strippers and then kill a guy and not change expressions. The perfect consigliere for Tony.

Character Most Deserving of Their Death: Richie Aprile

As soon as this guy got out of prison, he was causing problems for Tony. I was practically yelling at Tony to kill him already. Plus, this guy was attracted to Janice. As Tony said, “There are guys in the can better looking than my sister.”

Love of my Life: Meadow Soprano

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory.


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