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Awesome TV Show Review of The Week: 16 and Pregnant

Posted by jeanclaudevandangles on July 8, 2009

So I decided for my first post I would follow the rich tradition already laid out by Dr. Funke: Starting weekly things that won’t necessarily last more than a week. I feel like I watch plenty of awesome TV shows, so what better place to review them then here? For the first installment, I feel that I have chosen an absolute gem, the new MTV reality show, “16 and Pregnant”. Now right off the bat you might wonder, is this one of MTV’s world famous incredibly subtle, creative titles that tell you nothing about the show (see “Is She Really Dating Him”, “Room Raiders, etc”). The answer is surprisingly no, making this show about what the title says: Redneck high school sluts that get knocked up by redneck guys that in general can be older and usually work full time at the local Kentucky Wal-Mart. While the show provides many laughs (most of them completely unintentional), the main focus is the drama of the young adults adjusting to their new life as parents. The drama is the main focus, but I much prefer the intentional comedy. The main problem with the drama is that these chicks play it up way too much. They claim that theyre moody because they’re “pregnant”, but I’m not buying it. I feel like all those bitches do is complain about the most minute details and are just constantly bugging their boyfriends about the most minor shit like “helping out” or “giving a shit about the child”. As a viewer you really find yourself sympathizing with these poor (in every sense of the word) guys who are stuck with these nagging bitches. All they try to do is hang out with their friends and spend $500 on rock band (which was hysterical since that was arguably worth more than the guys house) but the chicks just continue to nag nag nag. I think more so than glorifying teen pregnancy and how awesome unprotected sex is, as I’m sure MTV meant to portray it, this show comes off as rather sad and discouraging. I do not mean this in the sense that the girls have to raise a baby now, but in the sense that the guy did nothing except stick his penis in her and now he can’t hang with his boys or buy awesome video games without getting constantly nagged and yelled at. In closing, I would like to wish those young gentlemen the best of luck and hopefully their stupid girlfriends will get the point as ease up some time in the very near future.


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Top 10 TV Comedies

Posted by Mac10 on May 7, 2009

This list is only comprised of TV shows from my lifetime so anything pre-90s was not considered.

Just Missing the Cut

How I Met Your Mother – I just started watching this show recently and it’s pretty hilarious. You always hear about how great Neil Patrick Harris is in this show, and he lives up to the hype. It also features Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan, two of the most likeable people in Hollywood. Too much of a generic sitcom to make the top 10, but it definitely stands out from most of the crap on CBS.

Flight of the Conchords – You have to be in the right frame of mind to watch this show because it is incredibly quirky. It can be pretty slow, but anytime the band manager Murray is on screen, you have to watch. He is one of the all time great characters. It has very creative writing and subtle humor that keep you coming back even when you start to drift off during the songs.

Family Guy – When you understand the pop culture references, it is hilarious. When you don’t, it’s just confusing noise.

Top Ten

10. 30 Rock – Before the writers’ strike, I would have had this in the top 5. I have been very disappointed with the show’s progression this season. That said, when they focus on Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan, the show is unbelievably smart and funny.

9.The Office – I have to turn away sometimes because of all the uncomfortable moments (Michael’s toast at Phyllis’ wedding comes to mind), but the show usually strikes the right balance between awkward and humorous. The minor characters are what really stand out in this show. Michael, Jim and Dwight are great, but the great use of Oscar, Creed, and Kevin makes this show great.

8. Curb Your Enthusiasm – This show is pret-ty, pret-ty good.

7.The Simpsons – I haven’t watched this in several years, but no has done it for longer (or, for a few seasons, better) than The Simpsons.

6. Scrubs – Even though Scrubs had dropped in quality in the last season, it was still very sad to see it end last night. No show better combined comedy and emotional drama. The bromance between JD and Turk, the sheer insanity of the Janitor (Tony?), and everything Dr. Cox related will be greatly missed on television. Or maybe not since Scrubs reruns are on 24/7.

5. Chappelle’s Show – The highest comedy peak of any show. “Black White Supremacist”, “Mad Real World”, and “The N-gger Family” are three of the greatest sketches in comedy history. The show is only #5 because it was only on for 2 years (I don’t count the Lost Episodes) and everyone started over-using “I’m Rick James, bitch!”

4. South Park – Although I’ve been moderately disappointed by this season (even with the legendary Economy episode), the show remains required viewing every Wednesday for the 13th straight season. Family Guy could learn how to properly integrate comedic music into their show from South Park.

3. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – The best show on TV right now. If you are not watching this yet, I strongly recommend you get off your ass and watch the first season online. For those who do watch it, the who is funnier Dennis vs. Charlie debate is one that will rage for centuries, but I will boldly make a stand and proclaim Charlie slightly funnier. (Charlie’s best episode is probably “The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis” and Dennis’s best is “The Gang Finds a Dead Guy”)

2. Arrested Development – The smartest show, comedy or otherwise, in television history. There are jokes that are slyly placed into episodes that reference events in future episodes. The show was brilliantly planned out and gets better with every viewing. Continuing on my bold statements, GOB is better than Dr. Tobias Funke.

1. Seinfeld – I struggled with this decision for several years. I know Dr. Funke will strongly disagree with AD not being #1, but Seinfeld is the greatest of all comedies. It has provided us with so many phrases that we all use in everyday conversations that it’s only comparison is Shakespeare. And this isn’t really a bold statement, but if you don’t think George is the best character, then you don’t deserve to watch the show.

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